Little Angel Stool   by Furf Design Studio      Click here to buy     Children will love the Brazilian design by  Furf Design Studio : two vivid colour options for the stool, available in bright blue and pink, and the most pure white for the wings, that will seem to spread from their back  Parents will be pleased to find a totally Italian manufacturing stability: in one of the more ancient joiner's workshop of the Northern Italy, the stool made of solid beechwood is handly polished and  the wings made of MDF are carved with laser precision.   
  Tipsy wine glass   by Alvaro Uribe      Click here to buy     Good wine is tested by its look, smell and taste. Tipsy is a wine tasting glass designed to help you experience wine with all your senses. Through its shape, we hope to have created a balance between joyful design with an increased functionality.
  Necklace   by Mr.Nico      Click here to buy     From production to packaging, Fano-based design house, Mr. Nico, uses raw materials responsibly sourced, and then laser cut into intricate designs from a single plank of oak.   The finished accessory is then lined with alcantara in order to maximize comfort, before being fused back into a flat plank; so once removed, the accessory unfolds like a 3D illustration. 
  Shiro Lamp   by Metrocuadro      Click here to buy     A  Special Edition  of 白SHIRO lamp for  LOFT42 .  Starting from the original 白SHIRO table lamp, Metrocuadro Design modified folding's geometry to get the lamp more soared and also studied an internal pattern inspired by traditional Japanese paints in 4 color variations: kaisui (sea water), sake (salmon), ume (plum) and nori (seaweed). They called the pattern kaiseki, that cross-refer to traditional Japanese cuisine which, in addition to reflect the design of lamp, creates a parallelism with Italy through design and cuisine.  When turned off, daylight emphasizes shades and facets, while, turned on, series of grey profiles leave unchanged its volumetric perception.   
  Meander chair   by   Anna Goniaeva     Click here to buy    Anna Goniaeva had a provocative look in to the chair’s world. Made out of beech and plexiglass, the Meander Chair gives the impression that two chairs merged into one. The idea is to talk about the interdependent relationship that some people may create with one-another. As the Russian designer explains in her own words: “ I took twins for the presentation because they are like symbols of my chair: two similar parts, but at the same time they are different and they cannot exist without each other" .  For all it takes, this chair shades a new light into the many banal objects, making you think either about a theorical concept or about certain objects iconic definitions.